We pride ourselves on making our patients feel as comfortable as possible whilst providing excellent, professional dental care. We use what we consider to be the best materials and best practice at all times. Our range of general dentistry services includes oral hygiene, white fillings, root canal treatment and extractions, we also offer free treatment to children under 7.

General Dentistry in Southend, Essex

Nobody likes toothache or having to make an emergency dental appointment, which is why it is as important here in Southend-on-Sea as anywhere else to make sure you have regular dental care and check ups. General dentistry includes a range of preventative procedures as well as those designed to deal with issues. Here at Royal Mews Dental Practice in Essex, our professional dentist team offer a comprehensive range of dental services. Hygienist appointments as well as any necessary dental care treatment can supplement regular dental check-ups. We believe that, when it comes to general dentistry, prevention is preferable to cure and that avoiding problems in the first place is far better than treating them after they have occurred.

Why is it important to visit a general dental practice?

Your smile is important and can influence both your self-confidence and how people respond to you. By ensuring that you regularly visit a dental practice you can make sure that any issues are dealt with by a dentist well before they become a problem. However, long-term oral health and general dentistry treatment isn’t just important to your smile; it can have implications on other aspects of your health as well. Not only that, but your dentist is trained to spot issues in your mouth such as oral cancers.

Here at Royal Mews in Southend-on-Sea we recognise that visiting the dentist is not something that most people look forward to. We offer a friendly welcome and a relaxing environment and are happy to work closely with nervous patients. Missing dental care appointments, especially general dentistry ones, is never a good idea so if you are worried about any aspect of your care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. When you arrive at our Essex dental practice you will be warmly welcomed by our reception staff and will find that your consultation is relaxed and friendly. We always explain dental care treatment suggestions before commencing and are happy to take time talking through our dental services options with you.

Which general dental services are available in Essex?

At Royal Mews in Southend-on-Sea we believe that good oral hygiene is the basis of a healthy and attractive mouth and suggest regular appointments with one of our three qualified dental hygienists. Should you be experiencing general dentistry issues, we offer white fillings, which deal with cavities in an aesthetically pleasing way, and can undertake root canal treatment and tooth extraction work.

If you are interested in general dentistry in Southend-on-Sea in Essex or would like help and advice from our dentists, do please contact us. To arrange an appointment, please get in touch on 01702 352 450 or book your dentist appointment online. We are here to help you look after your smile and ensure excellent oral health.

At Royal Mews Dental Practice, we’ll make sure that you’re looked after every step of the way. Our friendly and professional team are happy to answer any questions you may have. The first step towards transforming your smile is to get in touch…

Why choose us?

We aim to build long-lasting relationships, providing professional, honest advice and high quality dental care at realistic prices. We are passionate about oral health and the importance of preventing tooth decay and gum disease through our range of preventative treatments.

We have a proven track record in successfully treating patients who were nervous or apprehensive prior to coming to our practice, overcoming anxieties such as those caused by previous negative dental experiences.

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