Enhance the appearance of your smile, with the latest cosmetic treatments to create beautiful, longer-lasting smiles.

Our highly professional team will spend time getting to know you personally to find out what you would like to achieve. Whether you are looking to brighten your teeth or for a complete smile makeover in Essex, the friendly team at Royal Mews Dental Practice are here to help create your perfect smile.

Teeth Straightening

An attractive smile can make you feel happier and more confident. Crooked, out of line teeth can now be straightened more discreetly and in a shorter period of time with modern orthodontic treatments.

We offer the latest treatments including fixed invisible ceramic braces, aligners such as Invisalign and removable appliances such as Inman aligners.

Teeth Whitening

Our home whitening kits are a safe and affordable way to dramatically enhance the appearance of your teeth.

At Royal Mews Dental Practice, we treat discoloured teeth with professional whitening home kits. We will take impressions of your teeth to produce custom made trays. A special whitening gel is then added to the trays and worn at home for a short period of time to leave you with a brighter, whiter smile.

Crowns & Bridges

A dental crown can restore chipped, fractured or damaged teeth. The tooth-shaped ‘cap’ sits over the weakened tooth to protect it, whilst matching the rest of your smile.

All our dentists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and our clinic is regularly monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with our team.


With dental veneers, you can immediately improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth without the need for a major procedure… and they are natural looking too.

Over the course of time, teeth can become uneven, damaged or chipped through wear and tear or by accident. These unsightly problems can now be treated easily at Royal Mews Dental Practice giving you that perfectly natural looking smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be a life-changing treatment for patients looking to restore their smile. They replace missing or damaged teeth, look completely natural and are a long-lasting solution.

Most patients who have lost a tooth often feel self-conscious when smiling and talking. Missing teeth can affect your confidence and overall quality of life. Gaps between teeth can be unsightly and can also affect your speech and ability to chew food. An implant procedure is one of the most effective ways of rebuilding a smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry In Southend

How you feel about your smile can have a big impact on both the way you view yourself and your self-confidence. Choosing to hide your smile when you talk to people may have more of an impact than you think on both your personal and professional life. The days when cosmetic dentistry was just for celebrities are over. Today more and more people are opting to visit their cosmetic dental practice and find out what a cosmetic dentist can offer their smile.

Which problem’s can cosmetic dentistry solve?

Our cosmetic dental practice in Southend-on-Sea offers a whole range of cosmetic dentistry services. Once you have had your initial consultation with a qualified cosmetic dentist, you will understand more about each of these and how they can be combined to achieve the perfect look you have been after. Please click on our links below to find out more about each individual cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Can I afford cosmetic dental services?

Our cosmetic dentistry charges are listed on our fees page and we recommend that you keep an eye on our special offers. When you visit our cosmetic dentistry practice we will make you as comfortable as possible and ensure that you and your smile get the most from our up to date materials and innovative technology.

You don’t need to live near Southend – we have many clients from all over Essex who are delighted with our work and their new smiles.

Why choose us?

We aim to build long-lasting relationships, providing professional, honest advice and high quality dental care at realistic prices. We are passionate about oral health and the importance of preventing tooth decay and gum disease through our range of preventative treatments.

We have a proven track record in successfully treating patients who were nervous or apprehensive prior to coming to our practice, overcoming anxieties such as those caused by previous negative dental experiences.

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